Community Service Opportunity

Manly Freshwater Parish has established a working group led by Dean Gale (CEO of Phuel) to develop a plan to step the parish into the modern era.

The immediate aim is to connect more effectively with people living in or visiting Manly, especially those who may have had a connection to the Catholic faith.

Students may be looking to accumulate hours in community programs and would be motivated to contribute their talents and skill in social media, we have an introductory session on Saturday 2nd September at 10:00am.

The project is expected to launch at the end of November 2017 and the students could potentially work up to 20 hours in the lead up. The benefit for them would be to get accreditation as part of a team that will devise the strategy to reconnect Christian communities and lift their financial capacity to engage in outreach and social justice activities.

Such experience and accreditation often provides the point of difference for potential employers who are scanning very similar academic records - Google, for instance, typically applies this principle in their candidate selection process.

Please feel free to contact Mr John Zemek, Chair of the Parish Finance Committee, who is the main point of contact to liaise with, should you have any further questions. John is available on mobile 0414 649 775