Japanese News

Hello everyone. I am Makoto Tozuka and I am from Japan.

I have lived in Kyoto for 2 years. (if you are interested in Japan, maybe you have heard of “Kyoto”). My major at university is culture. I am majoring in pop-culture, English linguistics and history, which all help me understand the cultures of other countries.

I am working as a Japanese assistant at St Paul’s Catholic College Manly for one month. I want to improve my English by talking to teachers and students and learning more about Australia from them. Every experience I have in Australia is going to be valuable for me. Spending time with the school community at St Paul’s is an important part of this learning experience.

So if you see me around, please call me Makoto sensei and say Hello or Konnichiwa to me. I will be happy to talk to you. I am interested in Australian culture, nature and food!

I hope we can get to know each other during my short stay. I am keen to make friends with people from all around the world, including Australians. Nice to meet you!

Makoto Tozuka