A massive thank you to everyone for their support last Thursday night with the opening of HSC ONSHOW.

This was the second year that we have held the event in this format and it was very well attended.

The boys were extremely proud of their work and of their school. It was such an amazing experience to see how the boys encouraged and supported each other in the set-up of this major works and how excited they were to show them to St Paul’s community. Our parents were also highly complimentary about the event, the school and the standard of work set by the current HSC class.

Thank you our Teachers, Mrs Cathy Winter and the whole Design and Technology department; Mrs Adrienne Grimes and Ms Amy Evers for the Music; Mr Miklos Beothy for our poster and photography; P&F for the refreshments and nibbles; the Sports department for moving all of their classes from the hall; the Visual Arts and English departments for all lending a hand and making this event such a success.

Mr Luke Edmunds

Creative and Performing Arts KLA Leader