Assistant Principal

Often following the HSC trial examinations, it is difficult to motivate the students, as for many of them they have worked very hard leading into the trials and the “down time” between exams can be hard to utilise effectively.

However, some of our current Year 12 are trying to change the trend. They are collaborating in the Information Resource Centre attending before school class sessions, submitting past papers for feedback, to name just a few things happening. These things need to be done in order to continue working toward the Higher School Certificate and trying their best. However, as parents and teachers, we need to be mindful of the stress and anxiety Year 12 students may be placing on themselves and offer our support. Balance is the key.

Over the last couple of weeks the students and staff have been in a discernment process to determine our College Student Leaders for the 2017 / 2018 school year. Twelve of our Year 11 students have been selected and have spent two days on a leadership retreat this week. On Tuesday 12th September the current Prefect body will hand over the leadership of the College to the new leaders at our Leadership Assembly.

Our Year 11 students are nearing the end of the preliminary studies and with this comes final assessments. Boys need to be preparing study notes and ensuring that their notes match the syllabus to ensure they have covered the content required.

Ms Karen Shawcross

Assistant Principal