Parents and Friends Association

The College has an active and thriving P&F Association which, over the years, has done a great deal of work to provide the students with excellent facilities.

The P&F at St Paul's is not a fundraising but a community building organisation. Funds are raised through an annual levy. The P&F is an integral component of our community and contributes to the strong family culture of the College. All new parents are welcomed to the College very early in the year with a P&F Trivia Night which they fund and organise themselves.

The P&F meets at the College on the once a term to plan future events and to provide input into the running of the College. We have an elected President, several office-bearers and a committee who plan the many events conducted by the P&F throughout the year.

2017 P&F Committee Members

PRESIDENT - Mrs Michal Brenchley
VICE PRESIDENTS - Mrs Michelle Murray & Mrs Tina Szymanski
SECRETARY - Mrs Lynne Dryden and Mrs Michelle Herman
TREASURER - Mrs Leah Elks

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