Newsletter - may 29, 2015

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Thursday Sport Term 3

Please click on the link below to view Term 3 sport arrangements for Years 7 to 10.  Read More

From The Principal

Dear Parents, for Christians, Easter is not over. The season of Easter continues until Pentecost Sunday which falls this year on 24th May. Pentecost marks the coming of the Holy Spirit. Easter, like life, is a journey and on this journey we have the comfort, hope and support of the Holy Spirit. Read More

Assistant Principal

The middle of Term 2 is always a busy time of examinations across many of the year groups. Year 11 should be receiving feedback on their half yearly examinations and soon will be able to access their reports. These examinations and reports should alert the boys to what they need to work on as they enter the latter half of Year 11. Read More

A Reminder To Parents and Guardians

A reminder to all Parents and Guardians: Please do not drive inside the College gates to drop off or pick up your son(s). This is a Workplace Health and Safety concern.   Read More

From The Principal

Dear Parents, Having celebrated Pentecost, the Holy Father reminds us that the Holy Spirit is always with us. It is the Spirit that helps us to be better people and a better school. Read More

​A Thespian Among Us

We are very proud to announce that Patrick Parker of Year 12 has secured one of the lead roles in Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, presented by the Point Break Theatre Company.  Read More

Term 3 Representative Sport

Students are now able to register their interest in St Paul’s representative sport teams for term 3 by signing up at the College reception for the following sports. Basketball – All age groups, Rugby Union – Under 16 and Under 14, Water Polo – Under 14.   Read More

​Next P&F Meeting

Our next P&F meeting will be held on Monday 7th September 2015. 
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Presentation by Dr Nick Lim-Howe - Anxiety in Teenagers

The P&F has organised a presentation by clinical psychologist, Dr Nick Lim-Howe on Anxiety in Teenagers / Adolescents. The presentation will be held next term on Monday 17th August, 7:00pm.  Read More

Red & Black 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner

St Paul’s Parents & Friends Association cordially invite you to the  Read More

Vinnie's Winter Sleep Out

The message behind the Vinnie's Winter Sleep Out is to raise awareness of the issues surrounding homelessness.       Read More

Vinnie's Winter Appeal

This week the College launched our annual Vinnie's Winter Appeal. Each student has received their Vinnie's Winter bag that is waiting for your family to fill with warm winter items, just in time as the nights become increasingly cold.   Read More

Father John's Farewell Morning Tea

Father John Hannon was farewelled last week with a morning tea at the College. He has served the Manly Freshwater Parish and our College community for the last 12 years. Mr. Baker presented Father John with a travel voucher on behalf of the College community. He will fondly be remembered for his love of education, chemistry, his guest lecture in Ms Perrett’s Biology class, his obsession with Dr Seuss, crazy socks and as a faithful man of God. We wish him well in his new appointment at St Jude’s Catholic Parish, Melbourne.  Read More

Navigating Teenage Depression

The Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group is a voluntary, parent-­‐run group offering support for parents of children or teenagers with ADHD via regular meetings. The group is run aims to provide a supportive  environment to discuss and learn more about ADHD in order to best help parents and kids alike.   Read More

Year 10 Food Technology

Year 10 Food Technology students have been working diligently on developing a “Food Trends” magazine which has required them to write a range of articles on current food trends. Some of the articles included Genetic Modification of Food, investigating Superfoods, Sports Drinks and Contemporary Food Styling techniques.  Read More

Year 8 Technology

Year 8 Technology students have enjoyed their practical lessons in the Hospitality kitchen creating a range of multicultural meals. Each of their multicultural dishes were photographed in order to design and present a range of recipe cards. Some of the meals included Korean Bulgogi, Italian Creamy Chicken Pasta, Thai Chicken Curry, French Apple Pastries and Mexican Burritos. I believe many of the boys have also re-created some of these meals at home for their families. Read More

Year 7 Technology

Year 7 Technology students have just completed their Pewter Casting project whereby they were required to design and create a pewter accessory for an identified need or person. Many students designed and created symbols to represent themselves, resulting in key rings and ID tags for their school bag. Others made beautiful pendants for their mothers for Mother’s Day. Read More

Join Us For A Master Class

Please come and join us for a Master Class with Professor Stephen Bevans SVD.  Read More

15 Healthy Ways To Manage Emotions

Here are 15 healthy ways you can manage your emotions and pass onto your children. Read More

​Host Family Required

A Rugby player from California, USA, requires a host family for a short period of time in the Manly area. Local sports travel company Estilo Sports Travel and Manly Marlins Rugby Union Club have offered an 18 year old American student the opportunity to take part in a Rugby immersion programme for a 2 month period.  Read More

3D Printer Takes St Paul's Forward With Technology

St Paul’s Technical and Applied Studies (TAS) department has taken delivery of their first 3D printer the CEL- Robox. Y12 Design students quickly started to utilise the printer to make models and prototypes for their major design projects - using Google Sketch-up as their Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Design teacher Mr Casburn noted that ‘3D printing is the biggest leap in rapid prototyping in design that we have seen in schools, the power of these printers allows our students or anyone with CAD knowledge to quickly make anything they think of’.  Read More

Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disabilities

In 2015, all schools in Australia will participate in the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disabilities. The national data collection is an annual collection that counts the number of school students with disability and the level of reasonable educational adjustment they are provided with. This data collection commenced at [insert school name] in [insert date] and is expected to continue in following years, according to this government initiative. Catholic schools in NSW gather this data according to government criteria. The Catholic Education Commission collate the information from the schools and submits the total numbers of students in each school requiring adjustments to access and participate in the school curriculum. For further information please refer to the fact sheet that has been included in this newsletter. Please note that for 2015, the diocese has initiated an opt-out policy for parents who are opposed to the possibility of their child being counted (as a number) in the total number of students recorded as receiving adjustments for a disability. Read More

​Year 10 Tokimeki Cup Team

Year 10 have just been put through their Japanese paces last week when they participated in the Tokimeki cup assessment task. This task requires them to learn to read and perform a traditional Japanese story and analyse the cultural features that appear in it. Students discovered that Japanese people burn their old New Year decorations at a special fire at the temple and that jizo are small statues that protect children and travellers. Read More

​Year 8 Obento Day

Last week Year 8 enjoyed the annual Obento Day as part of their Japanese language program. Students have been studying in class dining etiquette from an intercultural perspective. This means that we look at what is considered polite in each culture and why that culture feels that way. For example in most Australian families it is considered impolite to sniff, yet in Japanese culture blowing your nose in public is seen as extremely rude.  Read More

From The Bursar

Families who have students who represent St Paul’s Catholic College in a team sport such as rugby league or soccer have been charged during May a $40.00 fee for the team they are in.  Read More

Study Without Stress For HSC Students

The High School Certificate years don't have to be stressful. Centre for emotional help in partnership with HSC in the holidays are offering a two hour workshop. Read More

Ten Tips To Help Boys Succeed At School

School principal Paul Tracey, and expert on boys' resilience and motivation Professor Andrew Martin, give their best ideas on helping boys to excel at school.  Read More

Scholarship Opportunity for School Leavers - Ski & Snowboard Industry

We are pleased to announce the following scholarship opportunity is now open to school leavers with beginner through advanced ski and/or snowboard ability.  Read More

University of Sydney Information Evenings

Our Year 10 Information evenings are fast approaching and registrations are now open. Limited places are still available but are filling quickly.  Read More