Newsletter - march 31, 2017

Changes to Vaccination Schedule for 2017

NSW Health has changed its vaccination schedule for 2017 due to the introduction of the meningococcal (ACWY) vaccine. Read More

Manly Fun Run and Walk on Sunday 21 May 2017

Register now for the Manly Fun Run and Walk which is on this Sunday, 21 May 2017. Read More

HSC New Requirements

The NSW Government has announced that from 2020, all Year 12 students must reach a minimum standard of functional literacy and numeracy to receive the HSC. It is our current Year 9 students who are the first cohort to be affected by the changes. Click here for a comprehensive fact sheet from the NSW Education Standards Authority explaining the new requirements for receiving the HSC and the various pathways students can take in order to meet the requirements. Read More

From the Principal's Desk

Parents and Friends
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A reflection on our Gospel for the coming 5th Week of Lent. Read More

Assistant Principal

On Monday we held a NAPLAN information evening for parents and students of Year 9 and 8. The evening was with regard to the changes in NAPLAN and the implications for the Higher School Certificate in the future. This information is imperative to understand as the changes are in effect for the current Year 9 students.  Read More


Most of the boys have seen Jericho around the school. They often high-five him as he goes along the corridors and he has a ready smile for everyone. Just like everyone else in Year 9 Jericho has been back at school for 10 weeks and as ‘everyone’ knows, Year 9 is the hardest year for boys and their teachers, and their parents! Some teachers will tell you that Year 9’s are the most challenging. Some parents will tell you that they really didn’t have any problems with ‘Johnny” until he reached Year 9 and some Year 9’s will tell you they were going well at school until Year 9 and somehow, then the wheels fell off and it just got harder to stay on track. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone.
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P&F Social Event "Come Party With Us" - LAST CHANCE TO BUY TICKETS

We are finalising attendance numbers for catering purposes, so please purchase your ticket by midday Friday 31 March for this Saturday night’s "Come Party With Us" social event.
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P&F News

Our first P&F Meeting for 2017 was a great success with a presentation on Google by Mrs Vicki Broome, followed by the scheduled P&F meeting where we had quite a few new attendees. We will be holding more presentations throughout the year, so if there is anything that you feel you would like more information on, please contact me and I will see what is available. Read More

Bursar Message

Thank you to all families who are up to date with their school fee payments. For those families who have not made a payment this year, please do so within the next week to avoid the follow up phone call.  Read More

Homework Club and Senior Studies Study Groups

The Homework Club sessions on Monday and Wednesday afternoons have had good attendance. We have regularly run two to three classrooms of students who either choose to work on tasks, or homework or come to get help with their work. Teachers volunteer their time to assist in these sessions and we are fortunate at St Paul’s to have several teachers available for each afternoon. Many of our boys make Homework Club a regular part of their study habit. Indeed, some of our boys have been coming regularly for the past three years. The improvement in their academic performance and confidence has been considerable. Homework Club has developed a very studious atmosphere and all attendees should be congratulated for their determination to make the most of the opportunity offered.  Read More

Supporting Learning

The past few weeks have been extremely busy in the Learning Support area as students have come in to use their break time to work on assessment tasks and seek help where they need it. Many of the boys have made excellent use of their time and have completed all tasks for the term. It has been particularly impressive to see how well the Year 7 cohort has approached their studies. For them, the bulk of tasks fall due in the last few weeks of term in a variety of forms, such as research, in class, group, written and technology based assignments. They encounter a new regime which requires time management, organisation, literacy and numeracy skills, communication skills and perseverance. The first term of High School exerts a myriad of demands on our new students and for the most part they have been successful in dealing with these. Learning Support is there to assist when needed. Please encourage your son to ask for help with any of the above if he encounters any difficulties.

Sheryl Amber

Learning Support Coordinator

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Parenting Ideas

How to grow kids into leaders, by Michael Grose.To read click here. Read More

BBSSSA Swimming

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Year 7 English Excursion to the Quarantine Station

The weather outlook for Thursday 16th March was grey and wet and not quite the ideal conditions for an excursion. However, the eerie weather seemed to set the mood for the Year 7 English Ghost Boy excursion to the Quarantine Station. The students had been reading the novel Ghost Boy by Felicity Pulman so this was a great opportunity to see some of the settings and experience the characters’ lives first hand. The boys of Year 7 were very excited and braved the weather with smiles and positive attitudes.  Read More

Spirit of ANZAC Centenary Experience

Free tickets are now available to Australia's largest and most complex travelling exhibition, the Spirit of ANZAC Centenary Experience, in conjunction with the Australian War Memorial.  Read More

Football (Soccer) U16 Selections

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