Teaching and Learning Overview

The St Paul's Catholic College community is committed to the pursuit of personal best and embraces the Quality Teaching Practice model of education in a Catholic environment. The College staff, both teaching and support, strive to provide a climate that fosters and promotes student academic growth and achievement so that each student can reach their potential. Our teaching staff are highly qualified and share a willingness to participate in professional development that has a positive impact on the teaching and learning of the students. There is also a strong strong link between teachers and parents and a distinct atmosphere of cooperation and support between the two.

The approach of the College to academic study is to encourage students to enjoy learning, take ownership of their work and to reach their full potential. Students are encouraged to become self-directed learners and home study is an essential part of this development. Additionally, all teaching departments are extremely well resourced with the Information Resource Centre at its core. The College provides Internet and Intranet access and a wide range of ICLT resources which enable students and teachers to communicate in a highly flexible and effective learning environment. The Lighthouse sites are an example of one platform that aims to support teaching and learning across each Key Learning Area and Pastoral Care Year Group as a tool to keep students informed on the various subjects, assessments and school based information.

Lighthouse sites provide a window into the teaching and learning at St Paul's, built by the teachers with students and programs in mind. Subject sites are used by the teachers in class as well as students when undertaking independent work. Students can revisit areas of learning or extend their learning by exploring the numerous links on each page within the specific subject Lighthouse site.

New minimum standard requirements will take effect in 2020 for students sitting their HSC. For further information please click here